What is a doula?

In Greek, the word doula means "woman who serves". Doula is now used to refer to a trained professional who provides physical, emotional and informational support to the client before, during and after birth.


Doulas & the evidence

Studies have shown that those using a Birth Doula benefit by having:

  • 25% shorter labor

  • Reduced risk of cesarean birth by 50%

  • Reduced pitocin use by 40%

  • Reduced  use of pharmacutical medicine for pain relief

  • Reduced chances of an episiotomy

  • Reduced risk of instrument delivery by 40%

Using a Postpartum Doula is linked to:

  • Increased rates of breastfeeding

  • Decreased rates of postpartum depression

  • Lower chance of maternal re-hospitalization

  • Encourages bonding between parent and baby

  • Greater confidence in parenting abilities

     At Nurturing Birth, we are dedicated to empowering women through personalized treatment and services. We will work together towards helping each person to find the birthing experience that is right for them.

    We will be with you throughout your pregnancy and continuously throughout your birth. We will be there to cater to your unique needs and desires. We will provide guidance in creating a birth plan which will enable us to serve you better throughout your birth

 Partners & Doulas

     As Doulas, we are there to assist and guide you as well. A large part of our job is helping facilitate you in doing your best to support the birthing person. We can help you to recognize the different stages of labor and identify what may be the best way of supporting during that stage.  We can offer you guidance, insight, and reassurance throughout the process. We will be able to step in for you when you need a break or to tend to your needs so that your partner is never laboring alone. The doula and the partner have different roles and we will never exclude or take over for you. We are very sensitive to the intimate and connecting nature of birth and work to step back and give you privacy together whenever we're not needed.




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